An Evening for Africa

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has accepted our invitation to be guest at the charity gala "An evening for Africa" hosted by the Burda publishing house in June, 2010.

The live events of Burda, one of the largest publishing houses in Europe, launched in 2006, and have since become the flagship programme for the company's social commitment. All traditional and new media publications of Burda Medien Park Verlage (magazines, online news sites, etc.) are involved in the events which generate between 150 to 200 million contacts worldwide, on average, most of them on the very same day, encouraging people to donate. This level of media awareness is truly unique, both in Germany and around the world.

BURDA LIVE is very creative and efficient, a friendly and personal event, a platform for communication and visionary projects, reaching out to the audience and mobilising it to create a better world. The events are held in Germany near Frankfurt at Burda Media headquarters in Offenburg. In June 2010, hundreds of prominent guests including Karl Lagerfeld, Nick Nolte, Mario Adolf, Katja Riemann and many more gathered to show their support for UNICEF projects for children in Africa. The dinner gala was hosted by UNICEF Ambassador sir Roger Moore. ( )