Romantic comedy about a Hungarian matchmaking agency S.O.S Love! which gets the assignment from a Russian businessman to make a Hollywood star fall for his spoiled brat sister. He pays them one million dollars if they succeed, but if they fail, they will have to pay with their lives. Unable to get into the Hollywood circles, the desperate S.O.S Love team hires a look-a-like of the star. Meanwhile, the real actor needs to return to Hungary to complete his Russian spy movie...


An English language franchise of the 2oo7 Hungarian comedy hit ‘S.O.S Szerelem’ with international star cast including Darly Hannah (Kill Bill), Billy Zane (Titanic), C.J. Thomason (Transformers), Chirstine Kelly (Loving the Bad Man), Evgeny Stichkin and many others.

Budapest. Summer of 2011.
The financial crisis hit the matchmaking industry, too. The high-tech love gurus of the ‘S.O.S Love!’ agency have been out of work for a while. The two guys in charge, Mark and Richie even think of changing the agency’s profile, while a hilarious character, Buddy has the brilliant idea to get rich foreign clients on the hook. With his usual zeal he sends out marketing letters on the Internet without telling Mark about it. His secret activity soon shows result, only not the way
he’d expected.

In front of their offices, all three guys are kidnapped, sedated and transported to meet a rich Russian ‘businessman’ Maxim. As it turns out, he views himself as their next client and gives them the assignment to seduce the love interest of his spoilt brat younger sister Zoya. The object of her attraction is none other than Jake Griffin, the American TV star and teenage idol.

The generous brother offers one million dollars to the “S.O.S Love!’ team if they make Jake to fall in love with Zoya. He immediately hands over a hundred thousand dollar petty cash for their expenses, accompanied by a life-threat for all of them, their families included if they fail.

Upon arrival in Los Angeles, the three guys face a series of unfortunate events: Buddy immediately loses the petty cash, so they are forced to pull up at his extravagant aunt’s place who lives in L.A. They fail at every attempt to contact Jake. But just as they’ve lost all hope, they discover that Buddys’s aunt operates an agency for celebrity look-a-likes and this gives them the big idea: if they cannot get the real Jake, they will hire a double!

Meanwhile the real Jake Griffin faces serious problems himself: his Russian spy movie which he was shooting in Hungary went over budget and the studio backed out. After acting in TV series since he was a boy, this would have been his big break onto the big screen. Now his only two options are going back to television series or holding out until his agent finds him a role in a movie. It doesn’t help either that he’s invested all his money into the abandoned movie which he produced, directed and starred in at the same time.

When his agent tells him that his popularity among teenage girls is so high that parents pay thousands of dollars for his look-a-likes to appear at their daughters’ birthday parties, Jake thinks he’s found a brilliant solution to make money while he waits for the next opportunity on the big screen: pose as his own look-a-like. He goes to the agency where the Hungarian love gurus are casting for a look-a-like Jake. The candidates are put to various tests and in the end, Jake is selected for the job.

The Hungarian guys are not entirely satisfied with Jake’s performance, but they are confident that they will be able to teach him how to play his role perfectly.

The team of ‘S.O.S Love!’ arrives back to Hungary with Jake. They set up a movie shooting in a film studio just outside of Budapest. Zoya arrives with her naked cat Lenin, dressed up as Paris Hilton meets Amy Winehouse. She drives them crazy with her exaggerated attitude, but finally gives in to be converted into a simple waitress in the hope of meeting her idol Jake at the film studio.

The grand plan almost succeeds: they shoot a movie, Zoya gets her romance, and what more, it seems that ‘Jake’ really has fallen for Zoya. But after a romantic night with Jake, Zoya finds the look-a-like contract and immediately calls on her brother. In a big finale everyone realizes that the fake-Jake is the real one and has completed his movie at ‘S.O.S Love!’s expense.
Jake and Zoya make up, and the ‘S.O.S Love!’ gurus get their one million dollars.